Webserver Date: 16-July-2018

Distinguished Scientist Shri Chandrakant Pithawa honoured



The President of India has conferred the Padma Shri on Shri Chandrakant Pithawa in recognition of his distinguished service in the field of Science & Engineering at the award investiture ceremony held at Rashtrapati Bhavan on March 30, 2017 .

Shri Chandrakant Pithawa is a Distinguished Scientist and former Director, Electronics & Instrumentation Group and Director, Manufacturing & Automation Group at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Trombay, Mumbai. An electronics engineer of exceptional ability, he retired in August 2015 after 41 years of meritorious service in BARC. At present, he is a Raja Ramanna Fellow of Department of Atomic Energy at Electronics Corporation of India Limited, Hyderabad.

Shri Pithawa made significant contributions to the computer based control systems of Pressurized Heavy Water Reactors, Compact Light Water Reactor, Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor and Particle Accelerators. He developed many important safety related computer based systems for regulating primary and secondary processes for 220 MW and 540 MW nuclear power plants.   He led the team in development of indigenous high temperature neutron detectors for 500 MW Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor, which was a challenging task. He also led the team in development of camera electronics for Major Atmospheric Cerenkov Experiment telescope and control system for Low Energy High Intensity Proton Accelerator. He has contributed to international projects including Large Hadron Collider, CERN, Geneva by developing control software for testing superconducting magnets. For about 2 years he was in Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology, Indore and led the team in improvement of various subsystems to attain uninterrupted 24x7 operation of Indus-2 electron accelerator at design energy level. Shri Pithawa played key role in many strategic programmes including Pokhran tests and nuclear propulsion.

Shri Pithawa has been conferred several awards which include six DAE awards for Excellence in Science, Engineering and Technology and Outstanding Service Award by Indian Nuclear Society. He is a Fellow of Indian National Academy of Engineering.