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Application form for licence for mining & milling of minerals containing prescribed substances and for handling such substances (Form-A)

Form A
Government of India
Department of Atomic Energy


Application for licence for mining & milling of minerals containing prescribed substances and for handling such substances

  1. * Name of the applicant:
  2. Address of the applicant:
  3. Installation for which licence is being applied for:
  4. Name and Designation of the Head of the Installation:
  5. Names of the individuals who are entrusted with administration of radiation protection and industrial safety at the installation:
  6. Proposed date of starting the operations:
  7. Are the workers provided with facilities of:
    1. External Monitoring
    2. Internal Dosimetry
    3. Industrial hygiene and safety and
    4. Medical surveillance

      Complete address of the applicant and the installation with telephone numbers (during and outside office hours), telegraphic address and telex numbers, if any, may please be furnished in the space provided below.

  8. Give details of the qualifications, training and experience, if any, of the persons in-charge of the operation involving prescribed substances (Use additional sheet if necessary).


    Department Name of the person in-charge Academic qualifications Type of training or experience When and where the training and experience were gained Duration of training and experience so far Maximum amount of prescribed substances handled
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7


  9. (A) Particulars of operations for which this application is made (add extra pages, if necessary)


    Sr. No. Type of operations involving prescribed substances Estimated reserves of prescribed substances (in case of mining operations) Physical and chemical form of initial material Physical and chemical form of end product Concentration of feed prescribed substance in feed material Percentage recovery of prescribed substance Annual Production/quantity handled per year Purpose for which prescribed substance is to be recovered.
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


    (B) Particulars of tailings and effluents generated (add extra pages, if necessary)


    Estimate of tailing produced annually Method of treatment of tailings Method and location of final disposal of tailings Estimate of volume of effluents produced annually (Describe effluents) Method of treatment of effluents Method and location of final disposal of effluents Monitoring Systems provided in the pathways of Tailings Effluents
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


  10. Details of staff available in various departments including the safety and medical departments:-


    Staff Strength
    Department Technical Skilled Unskilled


  11. (A) If operations are to be carried out in a plant, please indicate as appropriate:-
    1. The Plant is yet to be built
    2. Plant is already built and equipped
    3. Existing plant is to be modified as per details enclosed

    (B) If mining operations are to be carried out - please indicate type of mining Open cast/Underground:-

  12. Relevant background information pertaining to the current operations (when existing operations are to be regularized by this application)
  13. Detailed information relating to proposed operations (new applicants):-
    1. Information on operation sites, their environment and other relevant details.
    2. Details of procedures and processes that will be used for mining, milling and/or for handling the minerals and materials containing the prescribed substances.
    3. Details of safety and monitoring equipment provided in the installation (furnish details and technical specifications including those of portable instruments).
    4. Information regarding transport of prescribed substances from one site of operation to another site.
      1. Container details
      2. Mode of transport
    5. Details of assessment of radiation and other health hazard to the local population during normal operations and methods for monitoring and controlling such hazards.
    6. Brief assessment of maximum credible hazard to local population in the event of an accident and proposed remedial action.
  14. List of equipment (along with their specifications) available with the associated laboratories where the prescribed substances will be handled. (Please give details of equipment under each category)
    1. Handling Equipment: (e.g. remote control tongs, pipettes, etc.)
    2. Protection Devices: (i.e. lead bricks, rubber gloves, respirators etc.)
    3. Laboratory Accessories: (e.g. stainless steel trays/ sinks, foot operated waste bins, fume hoods, glove boxes, etc.)
    4. Radiation Detection/Measurement Equipment: (e.g. area survey meters, contamination monitors, air samplers, counters, etc.)
    5. Details of storage facilities provided for the prescribed substances.
    6. Details of ventilation facilities incorporated in the installation.
  15. Proposed procedures for treatment and disposal of radioactive and other hazardous wastes (solid, liquid and gases).
  16. Radiation safety measures which will be taken at the time of termination of work.
    1. Proposed date of completion of work.
    2. Steps that will be taken to restore normal conditions at site on termination of operations.
  17. Please enclose:
    1. TOPOGRAPHICAL MAP of the area (1:63360 scale) extending to a radius of 30 Km all around the site showing the natural features, nature of habitation and land utilization in the area.
    2. A SITE PLAN of the installation (1:500 scale).
    3. ARCHITECTURAL BLUEPRINTS (1:50 scale) showing the layout of equipment and processes in the individual buildings.
  18. Any additional relevant information which the applicant may like to furnish in support of his application.
  19. I hereby certify that,
    1. All the statements made above are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.
    2. No operations will be carried out for purposes other than those specified under item 9 of this form.
    3. Prescribed substances will not be moved from the authorized place without prior approval of the Licensing Authority.
    4. Prescribed substances will be transported only in accordance with the relevant safety regulations.
    5. Full facilities will be accorded by us to any authorized representative of the Competent Authority or the Licensing Authority to inspect the installations at anytime.
    6. Radiation surveillance and medical surveillance of all persons engaged in radiation work as required by the Competent Authority will be duly carried out.
    7. The prescribed substances will not be sold, rented or transferred to any other person without prior approval of the Competent Authority and the Licensing Authority.
    8. All recommendations that may be made from time to time by the Competent Authority in respect of radiation safety measures will be duly implemented.
    9. Duly qualified/experienced Safety Officer/Radiological Safety Officer will be appointed before the commencement of the operations.
    10. Any changes in the personnel listed in this application will be intimated forthwith to the Licensing Authority.

Date: Signature of the applicant


Institution & Seal




Please use this checklist to ensure the form has been filled in correctly:

  • Has the application been submitted in Form A with all requisite details including registration and capacity details of the unit?
  • Has the licence fee, vide DD for Rs. 500/- (rupees five hundred only) payable to the Pay and Accounts Officer, Department of Atomic Energy been enclosed?
  • Each application for a procurement/handling/export/import of a prescribed substance must be submitted in a separate form with individual licence fee.
  • Has the quantity of prescribed substance required to be procured per annum as well as the source (domestic or import with details of suppliers) been mentioned clearly in the application?
  • In the case of export, has the quantity of the prescribed substance to be exported as well as export destination (country and exporters/end users) been clearly indicated?
  • Has the purpose of procurement of the prescribed substance been specified clearly in the application?
  • If the applicant is holding a procurement and handling licence and now wishes to export/otherwise trade by selling the prescribed substance, a copy of the licence already held my be attached to the application for our ready reference.
  • This form may be completed and sent to Under Secretary (I & M), Department of Atomic Energy, Anushakti Bhavan, CSM Marg, Mumbai - 400001, Maharashtra, India.