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Performing Arts - Dance Troupe from Kyrgyzstan


  Kyrgyzstan Dance Troupe

 Performing Arts by the Dance Troupe from Kyrgyztan


Atomic Energy Recreation Club (AERC) organised a vibrant performing arts programme by the dance troupes from Kyrgyzstan. The troups have been performing for the Government of Kyrgyzstan on their independence day and represented Kyrgyzstan in countries including Turkey, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan. Malaysia, the Sultanate of Oman, Switzerland, France, Austria and India. 



Kyrgyzstan Dance Troupe

Taberik – A children’s dance and drama school, has completed 60 years of its existence. Taberik in Kyrgyz language means – brining happiness. Talented teachers, musicians, artists and directors work as a team and create the most beautiful dance forms. Many generations of dancers have gone through this wonderful school of creativity.



Kyrgyzstan Dance Troupe

Kauhar is an initiative of Ms. Alina Asangalieva and has trained hundreds of students in varoius dance formats including Bollywood style of dancing!  Kauhar in Kyrgyz language means the precious diamond stone and they have produced many little precious personalities for Kyrgyzstan.



The troupes have started performing for the Indian Embassy in the Kyrgyz Republic on a regular basis since 2013 and put up a famous musical Bollywood of Issyk-Kul (Issyk kul is the most famous lake in Central Asia). They consider India as their second homeland as for the last 4 years, every year, they have been participating in festivals of Suraj Kund, Haryana and in Gwalior.


The scintillating performances were well received by the audience and the one of its kind initiative by the Atomic Energy Recreation Club was appreciated by all.



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