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DAE Schemes


DAE - RR Fellow (RRF)


‘DAE-BRNS Senior Scientists Scheme’ instituted in the year 2000 and renamed as “Raja Rammana Fellowship Scheme” in the year 2005, is intended to utilize the services of active retired scientists/engineers and technologists, who have been involved in high quality research in their specialized disciplines in the units of the DAE or any National Laboratory or University/Institute and who after retirement are keen to carry out R&D in the field of their choice and of interest to the DAE. The host institute of the DAE-BRNS Senior Scientist may be a unit of DAE (including aided institutions) or a University/ Institute or a National Laboratory in India.


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Homi Bhabha Chair


In order to give recognition and an opportunity to outstanding Scientists and Engineers including those retired/superannuated scientists/engineers who were involved in the development of sensitive and/or critical technologies to carry out research and development work in the fields of their choice and of interest to the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), there shall be a Scheme known as the “DAE— Homi Bhabha Chair for Distinguished Scientists /Professors”. The tenure of the incumbents of the DAE Homi Bhabha Chair for the Distinguished Scientists / Professors shall be for a period of one to five years at the discretion of the Selection Committee.


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